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Mary Kay was inspired by all that social media has to offer young people. She recognized that the voice of youth is often overshadowed on adult-intended networks, and she also saw an opportunity to help parents strengthen their digital literacy skills. Therefore, Mary Kay and a talented team have dedicated their efforts to providing solutions for families through their work at Yoursphere Media, Inc.

mary kay micAfter founding Yoursphere Media, Inc., Yoursphere was created with the direct input and involvement of young people around the world. Yoursphere authentically represents the voices, interests, talents and aspirations of young people. This global community is a platform that allows youth to create, connect and share their thoughts, ideas, social interactions, friendships and interests with the world through “spheres”. As a result, Yoursphere has become a social platform for youth brands including Skechers and Simon & Schuster titles.

Yoursphere for Parents helps bridge the digital literacy gap between parents and their children by providing how-to’s, tools and information that empower parents to help their families have a healthy and positive online experience.

Yoursphere Media’s education nonprofit, The Yoursphere Media Foundation and Coalition for Internet Safety Education and Reform or FCISER, engages community educators and industry leaders in empowering schools and families with healthy digital solutions. In its first initiative, FCISER established the “I Choose” campaign which works to end bullying by offering classroom kits to schools that challenge students to stop, think and remember that bullying is a choice and their choices make a difference.

Yoursphere Media, Inc. has expanded with its new division, Connectu Media. Connectu provides white-labeled communications apps for companies, organizations, clubs, associations, shopping malls, teams and more.

Mary Kay has been profiled on CNN, BBC, E!, Fox & Friends, Lifetime TV, ABC 20/20 and has been a contributor to ABC News. She has appeared in the cyberbullying documentary film Submit the Documentary, and is an expert contributor to Kids In The House. Mary Kay has also been published on Yahoo! Shine, Dr., and many other family-focused websites as the go-to children’s social media and digital safety expert for millions of parents. In addition, Mary Kay has provided legal expert witness work and speeches at various venues where the audience ranges from young children to parents.

Mary Kay is a mother of five children.

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