About Mary Kay

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Mary Kay was inspired by all that social media has to offer young people, and she also saw an opportunity to help parents strengthen their digital literacy skills. Therefore, Mary Kay and a talented team have dedicated their efforts to providing solutions for families through their work at Yoursphere Media, Inc. After founding Yoursphere Media, Inc., Yoursphere was created with the direct input and involvement of young people around the world. Yoursphere authentically represents the voices, interests, talents and aspirations of young people. This global community is a platform that allows anyone to create, connect and share their thoughts, ideas, social interactions,...


Chris Cuomo

I encourage people to follow Mary Kay for good information for protecting yourself and your kids online.

— Chris Cuomo, Co-anchor of ABC's 20/20


Mary Kay’s Story

Technology and social media are wonderful and very necessary tools that offer education, connectivity, creativity and fun opportunities that children, teens and parents should benefit from. Yet, the majority of social networks and apps are adult-intended, drowning out the voice and authentic interests of young people. As a result, the privacy and safety of young people is compromised far too often. Parents often lack the knowledge and digital literacy skills that are vital to ensuring a positive and healthy digital experience for their children. Inspired by families like hers, and her then 12-year old daughter who unintentionally put herself at...


Yoursphere Member

I am a contributing writer, and i love it!! This little email is to say a BIG thanks to you for starting Yoursphere and making it a safe, fun place for kids to be creative, social and just have fun.

— Hannah T., Yoursphere Member


Richard Guerry

If you follow Mary Kay's work through her blog, you will find that she is not just another safety "expert" reporting bad news and statistics, rather, she offers information and solutions for her readers to help them stay ahead of the curve as it relates to digital abuse.

— Richard Guerry, Executive Director, Institute of Responsible Online and Cell Phone Communication