How to Rekey a Master Lock?

Have you lost the master key of your lock system? Now you are thinking of the better solution but cannot choose which one is better.

There are three options for you, replace the lock system, get a duplicate master, or rekey the lock system.

If you need better security with cost-saving, then rekey the master key lock system is a better option than other methods.

There is a risk in getting the duplicate master key, and replacement of locks is an expensive and time-consuming method.

What is a master key system?

What is a master key system

A master key system for locks means that a system in which all locks unlock with their keys but, a master key can unlock all the locks.

It increases your control and also reduces the burden of carrying many keys with you.

What does it mean to rekey a master lock system?

Most people think that rekey means getting a replacement key for the locks, but it is wrong.

Rekeying a master lock system means that you replace all the internal lock system of the locks, and all older keys become inoperative, and new keys can only unlock the locks.

What can be the average cost to rekey a master key lock system?

Cost ranges vary from place to place and from lock mechanism to lock mechanism, but we get the average cost idea.

You will need an average cost of 40 to 50 dollars per lock for rekeying the master lock system.

It also depends on the situation that you hire locksmith Jacksonville Beach FL on your own.

How to rekey a master lock system?


Rekey a master lock system is not a complicated process, but it only needs proper care while rekeying.

• First of all, take a rekey kit for your master key lock system, when you brought a kit, that there will be a rekeying system for six locks. You can purchase a kit according to your number of locks.
• Arrange required tools to rekey locks such as screwdriver and pliers; all other required tools will be available in the rekeying kit.
• With the help of the wire tool available in the kit, remove the knob by inserting that wire into the knob hole and pressing it.
• Pop off the knob sleeve and push out the cylinder from the back of the knob, remove the cylinder.
• You will see a retainer ring in the tool kit it will help you to remove the retainer ring.
• Now you need to remove the plug from the cylinder, take the old key insert, it in the lock and turn the lock keeping, in that position, remove the plugin pins on the top of the cylinder lock.
• Now take the new lock, insert the pins in the cylinder, and reassemble all the parts for a new lock, repeat this method for all locks. Your whole lock system has rekeyed.

Final Thoughts:

You can go with any of the methods to rekey the lock system or replace the lock system, but a rekey lock system is less expensive and ensures the same level of security as the replaced lock system. It is also possible to rekey a master key lock system yourself.