How to Fix Window Locks?

Windows are essential in our house to keep our house airy and fresh. We need to have windows with our rooms in our home and offices.

Windows makes us able to view the outer environment and to get fresh air from our environment. But there are also some risks of having windows.

A thief can enter our rooms through windows and steal our property and valuable things from our office and rooms.

So, we need proper security and to keep our windows locked with Jacksonville FL locksmith. A window lock has great importance and necessary for ensuring better security.

But sometimes it becomes difficult for us to manage when they become faulty. We may face problems in their closure or unlocking due to faults of windows locks.

No needs to be panic; we have a simple solution that will help you to fix the windows lock without any problem.

Please read our article on how to fix window locks and know more about a lock’s fixation.

How to fix window locks?

How to fix window locks

Please follow these simple steps and get rid of the problem of window locks.

• First of all, take a screwdriver and lose its screws. There you should correct the bends that you will face on the lock. For correcting the bends, you can take the help of needle-nose pliers. If it is damaged and you have to make it correct, then set the lock at its position.
• You have found some holes in the lock area, then you can fill it with woody material but make sure the wood you are suing should be dry. But you can also use fine-grit sandpaper to fill the holes if your window is metal manufactured.
• Next to that, you need to check the keeper portion of the window lock. Make sure there is no problem with the upper portion of the window sash. Now make an adjustment to the window keeper on the upper rail of the window.
• When you have made the adjustments properly, you should make it narrower to help you fix it in the right way. But please check the lock by moving it right and left to check the mounting holes.
• Mark the location with a pencil. Now drill the holes with a good drill but keep the suitable and easy-to-justice size. Next to that, keep the keeper at its place and screw it properly.
• Next to that, you should place the thumb lock on the top of the window rail from the lower sash. Now position your lock-in the proper way under the window keeper.
• Screw all the parts of the locks and make it confirm that everything is done correctly. Hope you have done everything well.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts

Windows are beneficial for us to keep our inside air fresh and healthy. But they are also risky if they are not locked properly.

If there is any problem with your window locks now, you can solve it by reading our above article on fixing windows locks.