How To Put A Tire On A Rim

Once you go for a long tour driving across the forest in a faraway land and suddenly you feel your tire gets damaged. I am pretty sure a nightmare will come into your way.

Therefore, learning how to put a tire on the rim is a big deal for the car owners or drivers to repair the problems by themselves on their way.

Most importantly, fixing the tire on the rim is very easy to learn; however, you need to know some specific guidelines in this regard.

In this article, we will try to make everything clear to be a fast learner of changing the tire by yourself.

Learning benefits of putting the tire on the rim:

Learning benefits of putting the tire on the rim

Looking for the solution before the problem arrives can change the entire game. If you know the procedures of changing the tires, nothing can escalate up to your tension level.

When you learn the magic of spelling out all the problems related to tire, you can feel relaxed to drive in a distant land. It doesn’t matter whether your tires get damaged because you know the magic to solve the problems.

Sometimes, road conditions are very rough, which causes your tires damaged frequently.
Going to the automobile repair shop frequently is much more expensive. So, learning the benefits of putting the tire on the rim is beyond description indeed.

So, finally, you realize the importance of changing the tire, right? So let’s move into the detailed processes.

Things you need:

• Tire machine
• Tire Lubricant
• Vise grips
• Gloves
• Valve stem

Once all the required items are ready, then you can move for the final shot.

Steps to put a tire on a rim:

  1. Soaking the Tire and the Rim with Lubricant

In the very first step, you go to an automobile parts shop and purchase some lubricant oil for the tire. Once the job is done, use the oil into both the tire and rim.

Lubricant oil reduces the friction in the friction area so you can smoothly do your job without any hassle.

Get some oil in your hand, rub it onto the tire, and rim plainly on their surface portion. Your first process will end then.

  1. Install Valve Stem

Sometimes, you would observe no valve stem in the rim. So, you better collect a valve stem from mounting beforehand so that you can fix the tire on the rim in an easier way.

Interestingly, the chemistry between some lubricant and the valve stem will work superbly to get through it.

  1. Put the Rim on the Tire Machine

In this step, you need to fix the rim in the tire machine not to move anymore. The tire machine functions on hydraulic pressure.

Most importantly, the majority of the tire machines come with two pedals. One pedal works for holding the press while the second one acts to rotate the rim.

  1. Tire Placement

Here is the time to place the tire on the rim. You can angle the rubber tire, making it easier to fix it into the rim very smoothly.

  1. Using a metal Arm and Rotating Pedal

Let’s move into using the machine’s metal arm to pressurize the tire for the perfect placement.

Finally, the real-time arrives when you are going to use the rotating pedal to rotate the rim, ensuring the balance of the pressure amount everywhere.

  1. Using an air compressor to fill the air in the tire

So, here we have reached the final step to complete the process. To fill the air in the tire, you can use an air compressor.

Once the process is done, get out on the road with your vehicle to have a long drive with your beloved ones. How romantic!!!! Isn’t it?


When you own a car and driving is something more than your passion, you should learn how to put a tire on the rim to narrow-down your unprecedented problems on the road. Changing tire can be done in two ways, manually and by machine. You can choose either way.