How Can You Store Tyres Most Appropriately?

Do you remove tyres on your own or with the help of professionals? No matter what you prefer but you must learn to store the tyres carefully after removing them. If you don’t want them to keep at home, then you can find storage centres to store tyres under the supervision of professionals. You might have to spend a lot of money to store tyres outside the home and if you have space, then you can find a good position to store tyres. Here are the easy steps to store tyres carefully:

1. Clean The Tyres

Clean The Tyres

First of all, you should clean the tyres with a brush so that there won’t be an accumulation of grime on it. You need to clean wheels if you want to store tyres at your home and only store after those are dried up. You don’t need to use any dressing on tyres to store because the compound of tyres is made to resist environmental stressors. Using gloss products can hinder the longevity of tyres. It isn’t difficult to learn how to correctly store tyres because you can do it at your home only, investigate this site.

Put Those In Bags

After cleaning the tyres, you can place them in an airtight bag so that the tyre is fitted in it. You can also choose leaf or yard bags. Make sure that there isn’t any moisture in the bags and then you can tape it up. If you will keep it in an airtight bag, then there won’t be any oil evaporation. It is also easier to change the position of tyres when these are packed in bags.

Avoid Sunlight

Never keep the tyres under the sun because it can create havoc on the rubber of tyres. Make sure that direct heat doesn’t come into your garage area where you have kept tyres.

Choose The Right Location

You should look for a place which is dry and ventilated. You shouldn’t place tyres in hot areas because it can because melting of rubber. Your garage and attic are more likely to face weather fluctuations and that’s why you need to maintain the temperature if you want to place your tyres there.

No Chemical Exposure

You should avoid ozone chemical where you have kept tyres. The generators, furnaces, switches, compressors and switches shouldn’t be near tyres. You shouldn’t keep lubricants and fuel near the tyre storage area.

No Chemical Exposure

So, you must have learnt how to correctly store tyres. You can either stack tyres on sides or you can also hang them up. If you are looking the best way to store tyres, then you should keep them standing as it won’t create stress on your tyres. It will be best if you will take help of the professional before storing your tyres. The experienced mechanic can help you to know if your tyres are new enough to store in a garage or not. Make sure that you follow the given tips to store tyres of your vehicles carefully.