How to Install the First Row of Hardwood Flooring?

If you’ve been thinking about installing hardwood flooring in your Houston home but don’t know where to start, this article will help. You can use many different materials for hardwood flooring, but the most popular choice is solid wood because it is so durable and easy to maintain. Installing the first row of hardwood flooring can be done in just one day without much effort or expertise!

Tips for Installing the First Row of Hardwood

You can choose from several different materials for your base, depending on your budget and the look you want to achieve. The general rule is that the thicker the material, the sturdier it will be.

Construction Adhesive

This works well if you plan to carpet over your hardwood flooring because it forms a seal between the flooring and the carpet.


This works well if you plan to install wood moulding around your installation or install tile flooring later. You can buy custom-cut pieces from a home improvement store, paint them to match your hardwood products Houston, and nail them to the base of your walls.

Ceramic Tiling

This works well if you want to install hardwood flooring over concrete, tile, or existing hardwood flooring.

Linoleum Tiling

This works well if you want to install hardwood flooring over concrete, tile, or existing linoleum.

Reclaimed Wood Parquet

This is an eco-friendly way to add texture and visual interest to the floor without breaking the bank.


This works well if you don’t want your hardwood flooring to sit directly on the concrete ground and install baseboards or ceramic tile. You can attach it yourself with nails or screws, depending on the thickness of the plywood you are using.


This can be used as a base for hardwood flooring if sanded down to at least three-fourths of an inch in thickness. It works best with engineered wood flooring, but any type will work well because grooves are cut into the sides, creating a space for water to slip through.

What Tools Do You Need?

Carpenter’s level

It is used to check if the hardwood flooring is flat.

Strike bar

This tool is used to tap wooden boards together while installing them on a concrete ground for a tighter fit.


This can be used to cut pieces of plywood down to size if needed. Nails and a hammer: Used to attach wood or plywood base to the ground. You can also use a nail gun for this, but it is much more expensive. Sandpaper: Used to sand down rough pieces of wood and round off sharp edges if needed. Rubber mallet: This is used when attaching pieces together.


These small wooden pieces are used to keep pieces of wood at the correct height for installation.


So there you have it, a step-by-step tutorial on how to install the first row of hardwood flooring. If you’re interested in learning more about installing hardwood flooring or where to get it, be sure to check out my blog for even more useful tips and information!