Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors

You have spilled paint on your hardwood floors? Or, perhaps you painted a design on your hardwood floors, and now you’re tired of it? Or, you’d like to prepare your hardwood floors for refinishing? Whatever the reason, removing paint from hardwood floors is a strenuous job in some situations, but it can certainly be done. Paint on hardwood floors does not have to be permanent. Here’s how to remove paint from hardwood floors, go here.

Supplies you may need:

1. Putty Knife

2. Rubbing Alcohol

4. Commercial Paint Remover

5. Cotton Rags (Such as an old cotton diaper.) Or Scrubbing Pad that will not scratch floor.

6. Gloves

7. Mask

8. Sander

Quickie Job:

Quickie Job

If you are painting your walls and paint spills on your hardwood floor by accident, you can quickly remove it with a commercial paint remover before it holds. Wear gloves.

Small Job:

Have you spilled paint on your wood floor, but it is dried and stubborn ? Never fear. Depending on how much work you want to exert, and depending on how you feel about chemicals, you can remove remove paint from hardwood floors in a couple of ways.

1. Tool (Example – a putty knife)

This method involves no chemicals, but you will need to exercise care as to not scratch your hardwood floor. Gently lift the paint splashes with the putty knife. Use a good quality putty knife that you can find at a hardware store.

2. Alcohol (For latex paint.)

Put alcohol on a scrubbing pad that will not scratch your floors. This method can be affective for latex paint. Wear gloves.

3. Paint Thinner or Commercial Paint Remover

If a putty knife or alcohol are not appropriate measures, move on to something stronger, such as paint thinner or a product designed to remove paint – but this should be your last resort. Your goal is to protect your floors while you remove the paint. Chemicals, such as paint remover, are strong and can do more damage than good if not used correctly. Wear gloves. Open your windows and wear a mask to prevent breathing in dangerous fumes.

Big Job

Big Job:

Do you have a large job? Chances are you will need to rent a sander to remover the paint from your hardwood floors. You can rent a sander from the hardware store. You’ll also need a mask, and you’ll need to make sure you read all the directions that come with the sander. Make sure you prevent the dust, created by the sander, from entering other rooms in the house. After you are done, clean your floor with vinegar and water to remove the dust. Do not drench your floors in water as that is bad for hardwood floors.