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Us Open Golf Live Stream: How to Watch from Australia

April 20, 2021
Us Open Golf Live Stream

Australia is an excellent country with myriads of sports fans. To be more specific, many golf lovers. So, as a golf fan in Australia, you must have heard that the US Open golf championship is returning this year in June. You wouldn't think of missing the event, we guess. Hence, we're here to help you to watch the US Open Golf live stream in your country. Stay tuned till the end to get all the information regarding watching the prestigious event live.

The US Open Golf Live Stream from Australia

The US Open Golf Live Stream from Australia

In 2021, Fox Sports will telecast the US Open Golf in Australia from the 17th of June. Fox Sports is a popular group of sports channels in Australia. Foxtel owns and operates the network in the country. Besides, golf Fox covers many other sports events, such as Cricket, Tennis, Football, etc.

Fox Sports will cover the whole US Open Golf Championship too. Moreover, they will have exclusive sessions, where experts will analyze the ongoing tournament. Also, they will predict who can win the title and a lot more. If you want to have a more in-depth look at the event, these shows can be a great source.

After the qualifying rounds, you can expect some Australian golfers to take part in the main game. Previously, a few US Open Championship winners came from Australia. David Graham is a name worth mentioning. This year also someone from your country can win the title. Tune into Fox Sports to get all the updates and support your favorite player.

How to Watch Fox Sports in Australia

How to Watch Fox Sports in Australia

You can access Fox Sports with very limited options. However, if you love watching sports, you already should have a subscription to the channel. If not, you can go for any of the options below.

Foxtel Now Sports Pack

Fox Sports comes with a Foxtel Now sports pack. The package offers a lot of other sports channels too. So, you can subscribe to the sports pack to watch the US Open golf live stream on your TV. All the popular streaming devices, including Samsung & LG smart TV, Sony Android TV, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, support the package.

The Foxtel Now Sports pack subscription plan starts at $29 per month. There are few other options too. Check their website for more information. Foxtel also offers a 10-day free trial for its viewers.

Foxtel Go

If you have a PC, Mac, Smartphone, or Tab, you can opt-in for Foxtel Go. You will get the app in the play store and apple store. If you are on PC, then you can visit their website. You can subscribe to Foxtel Go for only $25 per month. Again, you will have many other channels besides Fox Sports.

Kayo Sports

If you don't want to go for Foxtel, Kayo Sports is your sole option. The basic subscription plan of Kayo in Australia will cost $25 per month. On the other hand, you'll have to pay an extra $10 for the premium subscription.

Final Words

We can feel how excited you're for this upcoming event. These methods will be helpful for you to watch the US Open golf live stream in Australia. You can select any of the methods that fulfil your needs. The main point here is to follow the championship event shot by shot.

Marvel Comics: The Early ’80s Creative Side: The Dark Phoenix, Daredevil, and Thor by the Masters

April 8, 2021
Marvel Comics The Early '80s Creative Side

While Editor in Chief Jim Shooter and Marvel Comics President James Galton were revamping the way Marvel rand, did business, and was structured in the 1980’s, the writers and artists of the company’s fabled Bullpen were revolutionizing the art form itself.

Chris Claremont and the Dark Phoenix

Chris Claremont and the Dark Phoenix

The start of the new decade saw X-Men scribe Chris Claremont begin a several issue story arc dealing with Jean Grey losing control of her phoenix powers. Claremont’s penciler on the story was John Byrne whose crisp clean art deftly complimented Claremont’s intricate storytelling.

Claremont and Byrne still employed the time honored Marvel Method for producing comics (where a script is given to the artist to flesh out and then the writer writes dialogue and exposition) and it altered the X-Men forever. When doing the art for X-Men #135, in which the Phoenix becomes Dark Phoenix and devours a star, Byrne, for whatever reason, added an extra panel.

That panel added a populated planet to the stars solar system, effectively making the Jean Grey a mass-murderer. When Jim Shooter got wind of it he pulled the X-Men’s editor, writer, and artist into his office and demanded consequences for the character. Claremont had originally intended for Grey to be exorcised of the Phoenix, but by the end of the meeting it was decided that she had to die.

The decision angered Claremont, but it became a critical and financial success and is still looked at as one of the defining stories in all of comic books.

John Byrne Revives the First Family

John Byrne’s work, with Claremont, on X-Men gave him a feel for how a creator could revamp an older property. With that experience, Byrne left X-Men, in 1981, to revamp The Fantastic Four. Byrne took it upon himself to do the writing, penciling, and inking on the series so that he would have total control of the product.

Byrne’s work met with industry and fan support and the era of the one man creative team, a cornerstone of the Golden Age, began to blossom again.

The Importance of Being Frank

The Importance of Being Frank

The next one man band on the scene was Frank Miller. Miller, who started as the artist on Daredevil before taking over the series’ writing as well, took a darker view of the Marvel Universe. His art was stripped down to light and shadow, forcing the readers to draw out what was happening, to involve themselves more deeply. Miller’s writing was tense and layered; he brought a depth to their motivations.

Soon his work was a hit, with his stylings of Daredevil, the Punisher, and Wolverine elevating the characters out of the shiny and heroic world of everyday comics and fixing them into a gritty, streetlamp lit sort of world that felt much more real. Miller became the star to watch.

Comics Become Novels

Inspired by the work of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on their deluxe The Silver Surfer masterpiece, Marvel launched a new line of books in the same vein, called Graphic Novels. The first of these, The Death of Captain Marvel, told the story of a superhero who falls not in battle, look at here now.

At once both deeply intimate and vastly cosmic in scope, The Death of Captain Marvel set the standard by which all later Graphic Novels would be judged.

The Thunder God Gets a Makeover

In 1983 The Mighty Thor was not selling very well. Writers had trouble finding the right voice for the book and artists the right flavor. One man changed all of that. Walt Simonson took up the writing and art on The Mighty Thor with issue #337. Simonson’s first issue stood out so dynamically from the previous work on the character that it sold out immediately.

There was an aura of mythic grandeur to all of Simonson’s work on Thor, but that wasn’t all he brought. Fantastic sci-fi space stories meshed seamlessly with that ancient feel, while tales of earth held a modern grimness. Thor felt, for the first time, like the book should feel, like a mixture of the greatest the universe had to offer, brought to earth and interacting with man.

Marvel was experiencing a renaissance and fans responded by pushing the company to new heights of profitability.

Removing Paint from Hardwood Floors

April 6, 2021

You have spilled paint on your hardwood floors? Or, perhaps you painted a design on your hardwood floors, and now you're tired of it? Or, you'd like to prepare your hardwood floors for refinishing? Whatever the reason, removing paint from hardwood floors is a strenuous job in some situations, but it can certainly be done. Paint on hardwood floors does not have to be permanent. Here's how to remove paint from hardwood floors, go here.

Supplies you may need:

1. Putty Knife

2. Rubbing Alcohol

4. Commercial Paint Remover

5. Cotton Rags (Such as an old cotton diaper.) Or Scrubbing Pad that will not scratch floor.

6. Gloves

7. Mask

8. Sander

Quickie Job:

Quickie Job

If you are painting your walls and paint spills on your hardwood floor by accident, you can quickly remove it with a commercial paint remover before it holds. Wear gloves.

Small Job:

Have you spilled paint on your wood floor, but it is dried and stubborn ? Never fear. Depending on how much work you want to exert, and depending on how you feel about chemicals, you can remove remove paint from hardwood floors in a couple of ways.

1. Tool (Example - a putty knife)

This method involves no chemicals, but you will need to exercise care as to not scratch your hardwood floor. Gently lift the paint splashes with the putty knife. Use a good quality putty knife that you can find at a hardware store.

2. Alcohol (For latex paint.)

Put alcohol on a scrubbing pad that will not scratch your floors. This method can be affective for latex paint. Wear gloves.

3. Paint Thinner or Commercial Paint Remover

If a putty knife or alcohol are not appropriate measures, move on to something stronger, such as paint thinner or a product designed to remove paint - but this should be your last resort. Your goal is to protect your floors while you remove the paint. Chemicals, such as paint remover, are strong and can do more damage than good if not used correctly. Wear gloves. Open your windows and wear a mask to prevent breathing in dangerous fumes.

Big Job

Big Job:

Do you have a large job? Chances are you will need to rent a sander to remover the paint from your hardwood floors. You can rent a sander from the hardware store. You'll also need a mask, and you'll need to make sure you read all the directions that come with the sander. Make sure you prevent the dust, created by the sander, from entering other rooms in the house. After you are done, clean your floor with vinegar and water to remove the dust. Do not drench your floors in water as that is bad for hardwood floors.

Accounting Degrees

March 14, 2021
Accounting Degrees

While there are a wide variety of prospective employment opportunities available in the accounting field, the most favorable among them are reserved for applicants with additional training, certification, and licensure obtained through post-secondary accounting classes. A steady increase in the amount of new businesses and corporations, as well as ever changing financial regulations and laws continues to open many new job possibilities in the field. However, with increased scrutiny being paid to corporate finance in the wake of several national business scandals, accountants possessing additional training and specialization are often being sought.

In general, accountants assist businesses by keeping their financial records in order, thereby maximizing the company's efficiency. However, there are many specialized accounting fields, covering a variety of positions. Public accountants provide financial analyses, verification, and consulting services for individuals and organizations. Managerial accountants analyze the finances of their employer's organization or business in order to determine ways to cut costs and maximize profit. Internal auditors review the financial documents of the company for which they work, verifying their integrity, read this post here. There are also government accountants, who provide services for government institutions.

Fields for Accounting Degrees

Fields for Accounting Degrees

As business continues to expand, many accountants are now automatically expected to possess a great degree of skill and knowledge apart from their traditional duties of verifying the consistency of a company or individual's financial documents. The broadening and variation of the business landscape has also resulted in the formation of several new areas of interest which are now being left to those in the accounting field.

Accountants are now often expected to possess skills in budgeting and investment planning. As a result of several recent high profile corporate financial scandals, accountants are now often called upon to dispense legal advice as well. Finally, as computers and specialized software have become prominent fixtures in the business world, many accountants now also receive training in information technology consulting related to financial records and data.

Accounting Resumes

For those applicants writing accounting resumes for a new job, it is useful to demonstrate ability in several areas of expertise. Accounting is a diverse field, incorporating mathematics, computers, interpersonal skills and leadership training, to name a few. Very few other fields have as many areas in which an applicant needs to excel.

What Types Of Items Should Appear On Accounting Resumes?

What Types Of Items Should Appear On Accounting Resumes

Accounting resumes should be laid out in such a way as to display each of the aforementioned skill areas. If you are proficient using particular accounting software or database programs, for example, be sure to list this clearly. If you specialize in audits or tax issues, this can be explicitly spelled out near the top of the resume.

The key to writing accounting resumes is the same as it is for any other resume: let a hiring manager get a clear sense of your total person very quickly. If you have garnered success with a particular client or campaign, or if you have performed a particularly unique accounting feat, you might consider creating a separate "Accomplishments" section on your resume. Remember, clarity is the key.

As someone who is interested in accounting, you are likely familiar with organizational tools. The simplest tip for writing accounting resumes is to turn this organizational eye upon yourself. Lay yourself out on paper as you would a company's finances. Then assess, refine, and print.

Business Management Process Workflow

March 2, 2021
Business Management Process Workflow

In business management, having a good process workflow can be one of the most important tools you can have. As maintaining and operating a business requires that a lot of significant decisions can be made on a daily basis, having a system that makesthis easy is vital in ensuring the best practices for your company or organization. By using a process workflow, your employees can initiate potential changes as well as notices on changes that need to be made. Then, all of the employees in the same group type that have been assigned the change can discuss the issue easily, read more from here.

Business Management Process

For a business management process workflow to work properly, however, the system has to be designed in a way where the stages in arranging the changes in the business can be executed in the most efficient manner. CME's application, for example, is designed to use a four phase process. Each phase of this process is designed to assign, troubleshoot and implement the change, as well as confirm that the change has been made in full. The first stage is the initiation stage, where an employee or manager suggests or makes note of a change to come. Inside this initiation will be details about how the change will work, when it should occur and why it should occur. The next stage passes that intiation to the workers in the same group it has been assigned to so it can be evaluated and approved by the others. This allows a company to avoid the run around and keep employees on task. After the change has passed this phase, the implementation process begins. This is where the change is made by whomever is assigned the task. If the change, for example, is a new set of servers, the servers will be installed and made operational during this phase. The final step in the process is where the staff members confirm that the change has been fully made.

Standard operating process management is an important part of managing a business. Perhaps one of the most brillant parts of a business management process workflow is that the records of all the changes made are kept in the database. This allows a company owner to see what was begin done to improve the company over a given period of time. This is a very valuable tool which can be used to greatly improve the quality of service your company provides.

How to Backup Gbwhatsapp Data?

February 3, 2021
How to Backup Gbwhatsapp Data

You may know well about gbwhatsapp, which is the best copy of official whatsapp but provides you with extended features than official whatsapp. No matter whatever medium you are using, you will never want to lose your meaningful conversation.

We have many details in our conversations, such as photos, videos, consignment, orders, and many more things. But sometimes, due to a mistake or any other, you may lose that critical data. But now, you can secure your gbwhatsapp data by taking its backup.

When you have taken the backup of your gbwhatsapp data, there is no need to worry; if lost, you can recover it from your backup.

How to take a backup of data using gbwhatsapp?

How to take a backup of data using gbwhatsapp

When you need to take backups in gbwhatsapp, you will need to use a few tools. Following are a few possible solutions.

  • You can make backups of gbwhatsapp and when the need can restore it from the same app and on the same device or even on the other device.
  • Make your gbwhatsapp backup and restore the backup from the official whatsapp messenger.

How to create backup data gbwhatsapp?

How to create backup data gbwhatsapp

Follow below simple steps to create backups of your gbwhatsapp data.

  • First, go to the app and then open the chat tab. You will see three horizontal lines on the right side upper corner.
  • Click on these lines you will see some menus; here, you will also see the settings menu at the bottom of the menus list. Tap on that menu a tab will open where you will see the chats option.
  • Press the chats option then you will get access to another icon that is “chat backup." Press that icon and confirm the operation you want to create the backup of your gbwhatsapp data.
  • When you confirm the action, creating a backup of all of the gbwhatsapp data will start. Tim for completion of backup of data varies; it depends only on the volume of your data. If you have small data in MBs, it will not take more than three to four minutes, but if your data volume in GBs, it may take ten to twenty minutes to create the chat backup.
  • Do not cancel or interrupt during the backup process; otherwise, the partial backup will create. When the process of creating a backup is in progress, keep your device aside and wait till its completion.
  • Keep an eye on the device screen; when you see the message of local time on your device, it means your data backup has been completed. The phone local time means that you will retrieve all of the data in the backup present in your chat before that local time.
  • Now, if your data delete, then retrieve your gbwhatsapp data from backup data.

Final Thoughts: Backups of our data are essential no matter we are using official whatsapp or gbwhatsapp. But creating a backup of data in gbwhatsapp is different from the official whatsapp. You can quickly get access to your deleted data if you have created the backup according to our guided process.

Overseas Drafting

January 8, 2021
Overseas Drafting

After last month's fiasco at the WCO conference in Seattle I thought I would take a look at a company called Advance Informatics. They specialize as an overseas drafting service. It occurred to me that with all the problems Nike and other companies have had with overseas workers I thought I'd go straight to the source and find some answers for myself. I was curious if this was to be a sweatshop or an actual workplace. Considering their prices I was anxious to see what they could do. If you have any questions of your own, feel free to email Sanjay Agarwal at and he'll be happy to tell you all about his business and offer you a first time free drafting service. Here's the synopsis of his reply to my questions:


They have 12 drafters who work there, along with "one Architect and one Assistant Architect who also drafts and supervises. Two of the drafters are also Assistant Engineers" and "all draftspersons are diploma holders in Architectural Engineering." They work 8.5 hours a day and sometimes more if required." They also work in 2 shifts and with the time zone differences your project can normally be turned around in 24 hours. Their office is "up to international standards as it is not possible to deliver quality without a proper environment. The machines are all HP or Siemens with 128 MB ram and most with 17" Monitors, UPS and Power backups. They are all paid in the range of US $200.00 to US $300.00 per month which is almost 25% to 33% higher than in the market." Currently they are charging between $6 and $10 per hour for most work. See the site and email specific pricing questions to them for more details.

Many large, multi-national corporations use offshore workers to do their work, and soon we might see this same sort of attitude being picked up by the smaller companies with the help of the Internet. "As such it is inevitable that CAD and drafting work would be done in larger volumes [over seas] . The fear of the Drafters in US is true."

In the coming weeks I'll try sending them a file and see what sort of quality work they do. I know at first I was skeptical, but after to talking with Sanjay it seems that he is running a decent operation in which people on both sides of the ocean can win. Truthfully CAD operators over here may loose jobs, or be forced into lower pay levels. However, if we look historically at drafters in the US over the past 100 years, you will see that only in the past few years with the advent of CAD did we see entry level CAD operators earning almost as much as a good designer. This is because architects are becoming increasingly dependent upon their skills unlike previously where any architect could pick up a pen and paper and draw a building if need be. In the next 20 years this may flip back to a normal level as architects learn CAD more proficiently. Till then, we will see a business model where the CAD drafter does not have room to learn, explore, and work as they used to, because architects no longer can afford to have a drafter loose a day or two of work to learn a new but worthy skill or to visit a site and watch as something the drew is built. The way to change this now is to use overseas workers who charge $4 per hour rather than as much as 5 times that here in the states, and rely on people like Sanjay to run a good business with competent drafters.

How to Watch Masters Golf 2021 Online From Home

January 7, 2021
Masters Golf 2021 watch online

Masters Golf 2021 is a must-see tournament for golf fans. And you don't want to miss that too. The event will take place on 8-11 of April 2021 at Augusta National Golf Club. But the fact is, we're in between a global pandemic. As a result, the seating capacity for the event has been limited.

However, you still can enjoy the most prestigious Golf Tournament. Going to the Augusta National Golf Club during this pandemic is not safe, it is also unlikely that you will get the tickets. Therefore, we suggest you enjoy your favorite tournament from your home.

Masters Golf 2021 Watch Online from Home

Masters Golf 2021 Watch Online from Home

This year the 85th edition of the prestigious golf tournament called 'The Masters' will take place. It is one of the four major golf tournaments in the world. And as a golf fan or player, you never wanna miss this event.

You have different options to watch the 85th edition of The Masters. However, Masters Golf 2021 watch online is the best option in our opinion. There are several reasons behind this claim.

Firstly, we're going through a global pandemic that is yet to be over. And at this moment, going to a tournament where people from different locations will visit is not a wise idea. Doing this will put you and your family at risk. So, you must avoid going there.

Secondly, this year only a few seats are available for visitors. If you already bought a ticket and still thinking that you can enjoy the game live at Augusta National Golf Club. Then sorry to say that's probably not going to happen.

Because the tournament authority will arrange a lottery, and only a few patrons will win the tickets. Rest will have either a full refund or ticket for 2022 Masters only if the situation gets better.

Thirdly, even if you win the lottery, you will have access to only one day. After that, I don't think you are going to sleep for the rest of the days. Of course, you will find a way to watch the whole tournament. And watching it online is the answer.

Finally, you have options to watch the golf masters 2021 online or on tv networks. Between these two, watching online is the better option. Because in this way you can watch it from anywhere you want and with any device you have. Moreover, you don't need to pay the extra money to those tv network providers just for a few days of the month.

Schedule of The Masters 2021

The tournament was first played in 1934; it has always been scheduled for the first week of April. The final usually takes place on the 2nd Sunday of April; nevertheless, there are some exceptions.

This year the prestigious golf tournament will take place from 8th April to 11th April. However, before that, a three days practice session will also be arranged. The practice session will start on 5th April and will end on 7th April.

There were a lot of discussions about arranging the event. But after successfully organizing the 2020 Masters Golf Tournament, the committee gained the confidence to arrange it in the scheduled time. The only difference is this year a limited number of patrons will be allowed.

Both the practice session and the main session will be streaming online. You can watch it from anywhere you want.

Watch Masters Golf

Final Thoughts

It's excellent news for golf enthusiasts that even during the pandemic The Masters are happening. But it is also important to stay safe. With Masters Golf 2021 Watch Online, you will keep yourself safe while enjoying the most exciting golf tournament. Call your friends, get some snacks and enjoy.

How do i Import Contacts to Gmail?

January 4, 2021
How do i Import Contacts to Gmail

Everybody needs a gmail account; if he is a regular user of android phones, you cannot access modern phones' functions without having a gmail account.

When we use a gmail account, we need proper management of the account, we also have contacts in our gmail address book. You can keep a record of your contacts, which can be useful for future use.

There is a function in the gmail, which makes you able to import the contacts to gmail and save them in CSV on your computer.

Once you have all of your important contacts in hand, it becomes very easy to send emails to them. We will guide you in the below content on how you can import contacts to gmail entrar.

How can you import contacts to gmail?

How can you import contacts to gmail

There was a function to import the contacts in the form of CSV in the gmail, but after 2018 this function is available in the content manager. You can import contacts from the content manager's icon, Google contacts.

  • First of all, open the Google App and tap on the Google Apps button; you will see that button on the right side of your email.
  • After that, tap on the contacts button and then tap the import button in the contact windows.
  • In the next step, click the select file button and then choose the file with the contact name you want to import.  Here you have the option to label the file for identifying the file with name, such as you import list of contacts of your friends then you can label it as friends.
  • There is also a menu for adding multiple contacts; you can add many of the contacts manually that you want to add to the required list. It is convenient for you to add some extra contacts that are not saved in your email before, but you also want to add them in your related file.
  • After that, you will see the "Import" button and press that button to further process. You will see the list of the contacts you want to import, check the contacts if it does not import your required contacts, and press the" Undo" button. This “Undo” button will show you on the bottom at the right side of your imported file.
  • After the Undo button pressing, wait for a couple of seconds and push the import button again; pressing that button file will start downloading. But make sure you will need to label it again because your previous file becomes useless. After labeling the file again, presses the Import button, your CSV contact file will import after a couple of seconds.
  • Open the file, check and save it on your computer for future use.

Final Thoughts:

We need gmail accounts for a different purpose; if you are a professional who uses gmail as the means of communication with their colleagues or friends, then having a ready list of your important contacts is a better idea. You can import the list of your important contacts from gmail to save them for future use.

How Much do you get from Car Wreckers?

January 3, 2021
How Much do you get from Car Wreckers

Cars are one of the major things that everyone using today and you have to do something while selling your car to a wrecker. Before that every people thinks how much they can pay for you. so here you can collect the cash details of wreckers for your car. More or less, you can get over fifty to seventy percent of the cash but it depends on the wrecker you are choosing. At the same, not everyone gives the worthy amount and gives only a few cash to the car owners. So, try to choose the trusted one for getting the best price.

And always it depends on the vehicle’s part and scrap metal. for example, if your car’s scrap metal is thousand to thousand five hundred kilograms then you can get up to seventy percent of cash from wreckers this is because of the scrap metal. then they can be paid for you depends on the model of your car in some situation, your new model car worth for low amount because of the condition of your car. If you have an old car then do not afraid of selling it because you can get an affordable price, read here.

Important things you have to do while selling your car to wreckers:

Important things you have to do while selling your car to wreckers

There are over nine essential things such as you have to remove personal belongings of yours from the car before selling it. Of course, it is an essential thing because do not trust anyone. The second thing is to remove number plates and do not forget to remove them. the third one is removing e-tag and then removing cosmetic parts from your car is very important. sometimes car owners fix every type of mechanical problem of a car and sell it to them but it is not necessary to fix it. so do not fix those mechanical issues.

Then end up your insurance policies before selling it and remove good tires and replace them with old ones then sell them. These are all the main things you have to do while selling your car to wreckers. Other than that, it depends on the year of completion and damage of your car the price will calculate. The important thing is to keep the receipt after selling it and it is for clarifications. The car wreckers do some work for analysing the car’s status and if your car worth it then they keep otherwise they will recycle it.

What car wreckers do with a car?

What car wreckers do with a car

The first step they do is identifying the usable parts and how to sell it to agents. The usable metal parts such as bumper, internal components, and wrecked chassis. They sell it to the metal companies and turn your car metals into cash. Also, they have some marketing strategies to getting more cars from the customers. The owners can sell their car without title to wreckers and it is possible in junkyards and wreckers only. This is the work of car wreckers and junkyard workers.

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