Tips for Hiring a Great Bouncy Castle

If you want to hire a bouncy castle for your event, there are a few tips you can follow. These include considering the size of the castle, safety considerations, accessibility, and the price. As long as you do not skimp on any of these areas, you should be able to find a great bouncy castle for your event.

Size of bouncy castle

Size of bouncy castle

When hiring a bouncy castle for a party, it is essential that you consider the size of the venue and the number of people who will be using it. Larger castles are generally more spacious and have stronger side nets. They also have a larger floor area and are therefore more suitable for larger kids or adults. Larger castles also tend to come with more features, such as climbing walls.

In addition to the size, the company should also be aware of any obstacles that might prevent them from moving the castle to a suitable location. The inflatable castles can weigh anything from eight to 30 stone and are often rolled on a trolley. It is therefore necessary to ensure that you hire a company that knows the area and can handle the weight.

Accessibility of bouncy castle

If you’re planning to hire a bouncy castle, be sure to check its accessibility before booking it. While most bouncy castles come with shade or rain covers, heavy rain can be hazardous to children. If heavy rain is predicted, it may be best to leave the inflatable on the front step or on safety matting. Heavy rain may also result in mould growth. Once mould has formed, the inflatable is not fit for hire.

The Health and Safety Executive recommends hiring bouncy castles that are approved by British standards. Hired bouncy castles should be tagged by a reputable manufacturer to ensure safety.

Safety aspects of bouncy castle

Safety is an important consideration when hiring a bouncy castle. Always check the height restrictions and make sure users are supervised during the inflating and deflating process. Users should not climb or hang on the inflatable walls and should not wear spectacles or other footwear when inside the inflatable. It is also advisable to take off your shoes before entering the inflatable, navigate to this website.

Ensure that there are adequate number of attendants and that the bouncy castle is secured and fenced. Always hire a qualified adult to supervise. The attendant should be at least 18 years old and have the right skills and knowledge to supervise a bouncy castle. You must also make sure that the bouncy castle has an inflation tube, anchor points, and rips.

Price of bouncy castle

The price of a bouncy castle can vary depending on the size and type of castle you need. Typically, the price of a medium-sized castle is about $260 incl. delivery. A larger castle will cost more than that. However, some companies may include other extras, such as a disco lighting package. Some companies also offer generator rentals.


When it comes to price, keep in mind that consumer bounce houses are around $200-300, while large commercial ones can cost $1000 or more. However, most companies will allow you to rent the bounce house for up to four hours, allowing your guests to enjoy it for as long as they would like.