Simple Steps to Clean Golf Clubs

To avoid any type of damage or scratching, only use soft materials such as cotton cloths or towels for cleaning. It is also important that you remove dirt from all parts of the club including the grip, shaft, and head. This article will discuss how to clean these clubs and keep them in good condition. Golfers should be given a monthly reminder on how to do this task, as it can help improve the performance of the club when used during play.

The first step is to clean your golf club with a soft cloth or towel

Use a soft cloth or towel to remove the dirt and grime on the surface of the club. The cleaning should be done at least once a week, but it should not be done over 3 times a week. To avoid damage to the club, use nothing abrasive that could scratch the metal or coating.

Soak The Golf Club In Warm Water With Dishwashing Soap

Soak The Golf Club In Warm Water With Dishwashing Soap

Soaking the golf club with dishwashing soap for 20 minutes will loosen any dirt or oil buildup that has found its way into the crevices of the club. Use nothing abrasive that could scratch metal or coating. Do not leave your clubs soaking for over 30 minutes because this can damage them. Be sure to clean each part of your clubs individually by removing it from the tub before re-soaking another one.

Remove Dirt From The Grip, Shaft, And Head Of The Club

The best way to do this is by using a damp cloth or towel. Rub toward the grooves, and clean out any dirt. You can also soak your clubs in warm soapy water for 20 minutes if there is stubborn dirt or oil buildup. Use a soft toothbrush on the face of the club if necessary, but use nothing abrasive that could scratch any metal or coatings.

Keep Your Golf Clubs Away From Heat and Direct Sunlight

Keep your golf clubs somewhere cool, dry, and free from excess heat or ultraviolet light. Otherwise, this might damage the material and make them more prone to warping and shrinking. In addition, storing them far away from other metals will help prevent rusting, just like how it works for your car’s paint job. You may know more information about golf club by watching Ryder Cup Live Stream tournament on TV.

Golf clubs professionally re-gripped every one to two years

Golf clubs professionally re-gripped every one to two years

A club grip is usually made of rubber and leather and wears out. If yours are already worn or torn, look into having them repaired or replaced by a professional. This will make sure that you maintain proper control over the golf club and prevent any injuries during play because you cannot properly hold on to it anymore.

Finally, you should also remove any excess dirt or oil from the bottoms of the club heads. A clean cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol will do an excellent job; just rub it along the bottom and you’ll be left with a nice clean surface.