How to Wash a Weighted Blanket?

While we use any item, it becomes dirty with dust and debris and needs proper cleaning. Like other items, weighted blankets, with time, become dirty and need cleanliness.

Maybe you know well to wash the clothes, but the weighted blanket is different from simple clothes and needs different methods to wash them.

If you do not take proper care, you will damage your valuable blanket so, try to follow simple but proper ways while you wash your weighted blankets.

Surely now, you are thinking about what is the proper way to wash the weighted blankets then you may visit here There is no need to worry; we are here for your help; we will help you learn how to wash a weighted blanket?

Once you get a proper understanding, you will be able to wash your weighted blankets without harming their quality and durability.

What are simple ways to wash a weighted blanket?

What are simple ways to wash a weighted blanket

When you wash your weighted blankets, first of all, read the instructions on the tag by the manufacturer; if you follow such instructions, your blanket will remain in a maintained state.

Once you have read all the instructions carefully, follow these simple steps; it will help you wash weighted blankets with ease.

First Step:

Do not wash the full blanket at a time; it will be a good idea first; you need to identify the stains that need to remove.

You should deal with these stains first, put cold water on the stains directly and rub the stains with hand or any soft debris or dust removal item.

But here, you need to avoid using hot water; it will harm your blanket. You can also use some stains removal detergents but make sure that these detergents are bleach-free. Bleach will harm the color of the blanket and will also lose the fabric of your blanket.

Second Step:

Now it is time to wash the weighted blanket, but you need to remind the instructions you have read from the tag.

After reading these instructions, you will decide what method will help you wash in the washing machine or wash my hands.

If you are going with a washing machine, put the one blanket in the machine and not add any other cloth in the machine. Take sufficient water in the machine, mix half or a full cup of bleach-free detergent in it and wash it.

But if you need to wash by hand, then take half a tub of water, put half a cup of bleach-free detergent, and wash it gently. It is a better option you wash it by making partition and wash each area gradually.

Weighted Blanket

Final Step:

Now you have washed your weighted blanket, there you need to dry it. It does not mean only wash is important, No drying the weighted blanket also have much importance.

You have two options to dry the weighted blanket first by machine, and the second way is to dry in the open air.
You can choose any of them by the instructions of the manufacturer. But if you are drying from a machine, keep a moderate temperature or set the temperature according to fabric.

Open-air drying is a better option, but do not keep your blanket in too much hot sunlight; if there is summer, keep it in a shady place. But in winter you can dry it in the sunlight.

Final Thoughts:

It is essential to wash the weighted blanket after some time; it will remove its debris, dust, and harmful germs from the blanket.

But you need to wash a weighted blanket with proper ways to provide you in our article how to wash a weighted blanket? Hope you will follow our guidelines and maintains the quality and performance of your weighted blankets.