How to Splice Security Camera Wire?

A security camera is such a helpful device and it will reduce the stress of a house owner. When no one is in the home this security camera is act as a safeguard of a house. There are a lot of benefits that happen when we use a security camera. Even we can use it in our home, office, garden-like places. So now you can see how to splice those security cameras’ wire. This is important because when the wire is getting old or damaged by anything some people remove the camera and buy a new one instead of repairing those wire. So here you can see the major steps and essential things for doing that.

To splice those wires, first of all, you have to remove the outer layer to free inches of a wire, and also you can use heated shrink tubing to each cable before slicing them. After splicing that you can heat-up the wire and finish the process. This is how you have to splice the security camera wire not only this wire this method is applicable for every type of wire. Also, you people can ask questions like can we splice three wires together. It is a possible one and the best idea too because the main motive is guarding purpose so if it is three-layered wire then it will give more security. More than two-wire cable three-wire cable is very easy to splicing and the process is the same.

Essential tools for splicing wires:

Essential tools for splicing wires

Simply, everyone having this electrical toolbox and, in that box, there are some tools like electrical tape, scissors, voltage tester, torch, pliers, socket tester, and wire strippers. So, these are the major things in the toolbox. But the main things for splicing wires are cutters, electrical tape, voltage tester, and wire strippers. So now you have to know about the steps to splicing wire using a toolbox. The first step is removing the outer layer and make sure you are going to connect the same wires. The second step is stripping from conductors and here you have to use wire strippers. The third step is inspecting both the cables and the fourth one is removing the knockouts. The fifth step is attaching the wire clamps and finally inserting the cables and making wire connections. After doing these things you can close and cover the box.

Types of security camera wires:

It is very essential to understand the type of security camera wire. There are two different types of coaxial cable connected to the camera. And these two wires are allowing the camera to receive the video signals through one cable and another cable is for sending the signals. Usually, security cameras are not recording audio signals like video. But the image clippings are very clear and accurate. Generally, every type of electronic wired device having these two types of wires. So, try to buy a security camera which is made of these two types of coaxial wire and make use of it.