How to Look for Quality in Wooden Furniture

Having wooden furniture in your home and offices is a great luxury to have. They have everything in a good furniture, elegance, coziness, traditional and modern looks with intricate simple appeal. It fits perfectly to interior designs and is always a good investment to consider. Wooden furniture comes in lot of shapes, sizes and designs. It usually has high costs. So how can one look for quality before paying the luxury cost of wooden furniture? Read on for some tips below.

Wood make

Wood make

Wooden furniture can come in either pure solid wood or industrial layered wood veneers. Having veneers will provide you with a little lower quality than pure solid wood, the only advantage it has is that it can be carved and redesign to even the most intricate of art works. The highest quality of wooden furniture is made out of deciduous trees or hard wooden trees. Known ones are ash, mahogany, maple, oak, beech, birch, cherry and walnut

The construction

When you examine wooden furniture always, focus on the joints and edges. There are various ways of making joints work in any wooden furniture and the highest quality amongst these is by interlocking the parts with a few mechanisms and not by nailing them together. Socket and peg are used alongside with glue, pins inserted to drilled holes and the most famous tongue and groove with other various techniques of pins and sockets are the methods preferred by high quality wooden furniture makers.

Give your wooden furniture a good shakes, a quality one will be free of squeaking, noises and movements. Quality wooden furniture’s have smoothed and always fitted parts even inside the parts where you will not be looking at. Open a drawer or doors and see for yourself in the hinges and locks if they are smoothly locked into place.

The shiny finish

The shiny finish

Wooden furniture’s of high quality usually boast of high evenly sanded smooth finish feel. Having wood stains will damage the beauty of a good furniture so proper care to cover it up is done by quality wood furniture makers. Streaks and blotches should not be visible. Imperfections such as bubbles, roughness and cloudiness in the finish must be not available. The beauty of the wood though must not be hidden by the finish but rather it should be enhanced.


Wooden furniture labeled as “genuine” is usually made of pure actual wood from a tree it was taken from. A “solid” label will have a veneer plywood piece on the top coat. Wooden furniture painted to produce a fake look of a wood will be labeled as an “imitation”. Always ask for a sales person but be wary about certain labels as well because some of them can be very deceiving with labels like “oak finish” but will only be made to look like an oak wood, “maple” is used to cover a maple stained finished and many other names outside the books.

Over all picking a high quality, wooden furniture will just be an ease if you use your senses well enough. So try out these tips anytime you buy in a garage sale, hardware store or furniture shop near you.