How to Find a leak in An Air Mattress?

Air Mattress

For taking some much-needed rest and comfort after the daily run of works, you all want to take a healthy and proper sleep on your beds. You may know that mattresses of your beds are the primary things due to which you get that comfort. It means that whenever the mattress gets damaged you would not be able to take the desired rest and comfort.  If you are using an air mattress then at some points of time it can have a leak. In fact, if you will not find and fix the leak in an air mattress, you cannot take ample rest on it without any doubt. The following paragraphs can also help you to collect the desired information.

How to Find a leak in An Air Mattress

Introduction to an air mattress

Basically, your air mattress is a puffed up sack which is made up of things like rubber and plastic. Most of the air mattresses are manufactured by using the polyvinyl chloride. It is a type of polymer that manufacturers use to make an air mattress, whereas some other mattresses are also made up of a variety of rubbers. Air mattresses are puffed up by pumping sufficient air into their regulator with an air-pump or yourself by using your mouth.

After having basic info about the air mattress now, it is the ideal time for you to check the available methods that you can use for finding a leak in an air mattress. Here are some valuable methods that anyone can use to find leaks in air mattresses:

Liquid and dishwasher soaps

Method1: Liquid and dishwasher soaps

This is the very first home-based method that you can use for the same purpose of finding leaks of air mattresses. In this method, you will have to use liquid or dishwasher soaps. Let’s see what you actually have to do:

Remove sheets & other items

Make sure that you have removed the bed sheets and other items present on the mattress because you cannot check the leak without removing them.

Place your bed in the middle of your room

After following the previous step now, you can place or revolve your bed in the middle of your room so that you can easily check it from various angles and edges.

Fill sufficient air

Without thinking about the bursting of your air mattress, you just need to fill some air in your air mattress so that you can detect the leak very quickly.

Inspect the value of air

It is also necessary for you to inspect the value or volume of air to make sure that you have filled a sufficient amount of air in air mattresses.

Apply liquid or dishwasher soap mixtures

The mixtures or liquid that you have made by using the dishwasher soaps can be applied to the entire mattress or air mattress after following the previous steps. Here, you will definitely find where the leak in your air mattress is.

These upper listed steps would be enough for you to find a leak in your mattress within some really quick time.


Method2: Check leak with the help of a tissue paper

With the help of a tissue paper now, it is possible for you to find the leaks of your mattress. In this method, just follow the given steps perfectly:

Step1: fill the air in your air mattress- Fill ample air in your air mattress to check the leak.

Step2: hear a hissing sound- you will hear some hissing like sound if the mattress has leaked.

Step3: check entire surface- check the entire surface of your air mattress.

Step4: place a mark from where hissing noise is coming- by recognizing from where the hissing sound is coming, you just need to place a mark from where the hissing sound is coming.

These simple steps can also lead you to check the leaks of your air mattress within some really fast time.

Method3: By using your hands

This is yet another affordable and reliable method that anyone can use for finding the leaks in their air mattress. Here, you will only need to fill some air in your air mattress and then check the entire surface of the mattress with your hands. If you find any hole then mark this area from where your air mattress is leaking.