How to Clean Your Car Quickly

Don’t Laugh, I Know that You Have Been in This Position as Well

If you are like me, the interior of your car is not always in a passenger friendly condition. What do I mean by this? Well, I don’t have french fries in the seat or anything like that but I have some dust and a bit of clutter or maybe a few gum wrappers strewn about. While it is not the end of the world by any means, it can be embarrassing when you have to give someone a ride at the last minute and don’t have time to make your car passenger friendly.

Clean Your Car Quickly

Some of my favorite tricks and tips to keeping your car passenger friendly are simple enough to be used by anyone. One of my favorite quick car clean ups is using a diaper wipe to wipe off the dash and center console. This will quickly remove dust and leave your car smelling great. Just be sure not to use the diaper wipe on your car windows or mirrors as it will leave a residue that can hinder your vision.

So the dash and the console are clean and their is still a bit of a mess left in the seats. I keep a lint brush in my car for a last minute lint removing session for clothes but a lint brush can also be used to remove small particles from your car seats. If you have the kind of lint brush that has sticky paper, you are in luck. A quick pass or two over the seats and your last minute passenger will feel like they are riding in style, view source.

Since we started from the top and are working our way down, all of the dirt should now either be on your lint brush or in the floor. A quick shake of the car mats and you are good to go. You have just given your car a quick cleaning in five minutes or less.

If your passenger includes a person such as your boss, your mother in-law or if you just really want to impress your guest, you could combine the above steps with a quick drive-through car wash. For those that are super efficient (or really pressed for time), you could actually wipe down the dash and run a quick lint brush through the interior of your car while your car is being washed by the automatic car wash. Now how is that for efficiency?