How to Backup Gbwhatsapp Data?

You may know well about gbwhatsapp, which is the best copy of official whatsapp but provides you with extended features than official whatsapp. No matter whatever medium you are using, you will never want to lose your meaningful conversation.

We have many details in our conversations, such as photos, videos, consignment, orders, and many more things. But sometimes, due to a mistake or any other, you may lose that critical data. But now, you can secure your gbwhatsapp data by taking its backup.

When you have taken the backup of your gbwhatsapp data, there is no need to worry; if lost, you can recover it from your backup.

How to take a backup of data using gbwhatsapp?

How to take a backup of data using gbwhatsapp

When you need to take backups in gbwhatsapp, you will need to use a few tools. Following are a few possible solutions.

  • You can make backups of gbwhatsapp and when the need can restore it from the same app and on the same device or even on the other device.
  • Make your gbwhatsapp backup and restore the backup from the official whatsapp messenger.

How to create backup data gbwhatsapp?

How to create backup data gbwhatsapp

Follow below simple steps to create backups of your gbwhatsapp data.

  • First, go to the app and then open the chat tab. You will see three horizontal lines on the right side upper corner.
  • Click on these lines you will see some menus; here, you will also see the settings menu at the bottom of the menus list. Tap on that menu a tab will open where you will see the chats option.
  • Press the chats option then you will get access to another icon that is “chat backup.” Press that icon and confirm the operation you want to create the backup of your gbwhatsapp data.
  • When you confirm the action, creating a backup of all of the gbwhatsapp data will start. Tim for completion of backup of data varies; it depends only on the volume of your data. If you have small data in MBs, it will not take more than three to four minutes, but if your data volume in GBs, it may take ten to twenty minutes to create the chat backup.
  • Do not cancel or interrupt during the backup process; otherwise, the partial backup will create. When the process of creating a backup is in progress, keep your device aside and wait till its completion.
  • Keep an eye on the device screen; when you see the message of local time on your device, it means your data backup has been completed. The phone local time means that you will retrieve all of the data in the backup present in your chat before that local time.
  • Now, if your data delete, then retrieve your gbwhatsapp data from backup data.

Final Thoughts: Backups of our data are essential no matter we are using official whatsapp or gbwhatsapp. But creating a backup of data in gbwhatsapp is different from the official whatsapp. You can quickly get access to your deleted data if you have created the backup according to our guided process.