How does Mosquito Repellent Work?

Different kinds of mosquito repellents work in different ways because some of them kill them while others do not kill them and just repel them. The time repellents stay on effective will usually depend on the nature of the ingredients.

What kinds of mosquito repellents are available?

At present, there are different kinds of mosquito repellents are available that you can use to get rid of mosquitos. You can find chemical repellents and spatial repellents in the market that help you to resolve the mosquito issues. In addition to this, it is also beneficial for you to use some natural repellents that are made from the essential oil help you to repel mosquitos. You can also found some gadgets such as mosquito rackets and other electromagnetic waves gadgets that repel mosquitos and other insects.

How can you choose the right mosquito repellents

How can you choose the right mosquito repellents?

If you are looking for the right mosquito repellent for your baby then it is essential for you to visit this website where you can choose the best one according to the age of your baby. Here is some information for you that can help you to know how does mosquito repellent works and you can find the right option for mosquito repellent that is available in market.

Cream, sprays, and lotions

There are lots of creams, lotions, and sprays available in the market as effective mosquito repellents and they are effective for indoor as well as outdoor areas. But they can cause allergic reactions and irritation to your skin. These options are effective for almost four to five hours and need to apply again for effective protection. It is not a good option for infants because it can have negative impact on their skin.

Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets

The mosquito nets are also effective option for both outdoor and indoor areas and they do not have any side effects on your health. But it is essential for you to check the holes and tears of the net regularly so that the mosquito does not get trapped inside the net. It is important for you to keep the net secure and tie it properly on the corners to avoid any hazard of suffocation.


Coils are effective mosquito repellents that are effective for a limited area like a room. But coils release toxic burnt that can lead to breathing problems and allergies. If these coils are not used correctly then they can cause fire. You should not use coils inside near to your family member as it can have negative impact on your health. You can use them outside the door and windows to keep the mosquitos away from the entry point.

Essential oils

Essential oils

Essential oils can help to repel mosquitos in a limited area but they are effective for very short time. Sometimes, the fragrance and smell of essential oil can attract mosquito rather than repel them. The essential oil can cause irritation or allergy sometimes that can cause harmful for your health.

Mosquito rackets

Mosquito rackets do not have any bad impact on your health and effective for both indoor and outdoor areas. But the rackets kill only those mosquitos that come in contact with the racket so you have to be alert to catch them.